How Eva Longoria Lost Over 10 lbs and Looks Simply FAB

Everyone will probably agree how gorgeous and sexy Eva Longoria is and her looks and figure is far from desperate. She is simply striking and elegant-looking in every angle. For many, she is the epitome of perfection and the best looking among the Desperate Housewives cast. What can any man look for when she’s got it all? However, she hides a sad past unknown to many. Despite her flawless looks and almost-perfect figure, a cheating ex-husband left her depressed that led to a dramatic weight loss that was far from healthy.

It was back in 2010 when her divorce not only left her empty and broken but others complimented how great she was looking despite the personal ordeal she was going through. She confessed that even if she appeared to be okay from the outside, she felt she was at her most unhealthy state in her entire life. She was actually so thin at the time the divorce was being finalized yet people had been complimenting her on her skinny appearance when she was actually surviving mostly on caffeine. She received the most compliments on her body by then despite the internal struggle she was desperately trying to overcome. She looked good but she felt depressed without her really realizing how depressed she was. When she was able to muster the courage to consult a doctor, she found out her body is deficient of iron and just about every other essential vitamins needed by the body for it to be healthy. Hence, she stopped feeling bad for herself and even had to avoid sugar for three months to help her body get back on track faster.

While the split left her torn for a while, it did not take long for her to bounce back because of her innately optimistic nature. She never really gets depressed for long because it’s not her nature to wallow in grief and self-pity for a long time. She knew that something better is coming her way even if her previous marriage did not work out like she wanted it to be. She started taking care of her body more and worked out regularly with a mix of a little cardio and mostly fast-paced circuits (because she’s not a cardio fan) to help her heart get going and burn fats faster. Eva’s circuit training helped her stay slim and toned and is the formula for her desirably size 0 sexy figure until today.


She also credits her healthy physique to Kinesiology or the study of human movements. Back in college, she used to be a personal trainer and an aerobics instructor so she had no problem working out. She didn’t even need to put in personal hours into exercising considering she puts in at least two hours at the least in teaching clients and conducting classes. Among her favorite workout routines these days are abs and weight training as long as doesn’t have to jog or do much cardio. It keeps her body and health in check because she admits she loves food. She had a one-year stint before as a vegan but felt unhealthy doing so, and she switched back to her old carnivorous self. For her, maintaining an active lifestyle is the key to her stunning physique even if she is not that young anymore.

Eva Longoria’s diet and workouts simply are effective.

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